Question:  This question applies to Baffles on Coated ISO Tanks.  “I have a quick question for you about baffling. Our product has such a high specific gravity (1.48) that we might be running into a weight issue if we load this container to the required 80% level. For our product in this 16,500 liter tank, this amounts to 42,300 lbs. Anything under that would require baffles. First, is it even possible to place baffles on a coated tank? If possible, is it recommended? I’m not sure if we would be close to the GVW of 80,000 lbs. with 42,300 plus lbs. but I know we just load to 39-40k lbs. now. What do you think? “ Tank Guru:  It just so happens that we were installing baffles this week in another tank. I’ve included the images here. We make these using fabricated SS channels (two per baffle) that are small enough to fit through the manway. Each channel bolts to clips, which are welded to a doubler plate inside the shell. We can line your tank AND we can line the baffle channels as well. The reason it’s problematic to line baffles, however, is that the support clips are made from stainless steel angle and have sharp edges and shapes that would need quite a bit of grinding to have any hope of making them smooth enough to not produce holidays in the coating. Even if we’re successful, you then have the problem of what to do about the fasteners. Normally we use SS fasteners and tack the nut onto the bolt in order to keep it from vibrating loose. Once we installed baffles in a lined tank, however, and used Teflon coated fasteners (and did not tack the fasteners together) in an effort to keep all wetted surfaces lined with something that would withstand the corrosive product. We weren’t able to find any Teflon coated lock nuts though, and didn’t think to try “double-nutting” the bolts or something like that, and as luck would have it some of the nuts vibrated loose. Talk about a ticked off customer! We try to avoid that whenever possible! As far as the weight of the coating is concerned, I suspect it will only be about 100 lbs. The real weight issue is if you install baffles, which will add about 400 lbs. to the tank.
Baffes - Coated ISO Tanks [caption id="attachment_2832" align="aligncenter" width="195"]Baffles - Coated ISO Tanks Baffle Channels[/caption] [caption id="attachment_2833" align="aligncenter" width="237"]Baffles - Coated ISO Tanks Baffle Channels[/caption]

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