Question:  This question relates to container unit number prefixes. “How do we create our own prefix for our container unit numbers?”  Tank Guru:  Container prefixes, whether for tank containers or standard dry van containers, need to be registered with B.I.C. (the Bureau International des Containers et du Transport Intermodal) in Paris, France.  Their website is www.bic-code.org and it outlines the reasons for the globally recognized numbering system, as well as the process to register your own code.  The registration form for that can be found here:  http://www.bic-code.org/images/file/Formulaires/7%206%201.pdf Also on the B.I.C. home page is a link to a neat little check digit calculator.  Once you register your 4-digit Alpha prefix and decide on the 6 numeral digits that you will assign to your container (or series of containers), you can use their check digit calculator to complete the numbering system for your container(s) and mark them accordingly.  Click here for that:  http://www.bic-code.org/calculate-the-check-digit-online.html Lastly, if you see a container with a prefix that you are not familiar with and want to know who the registered owner is, the B.I.C. website is again the place to go.  Use this link (http://www.bic-code.org/consultation-of-the-containers-bic-code-register.html) to search by prefix.  For instance, type in “ZIPU” in the Code box and click “send” and this is the result you will get!  http://www.bic-code.org/container-bic-code-zipu.html]]>

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