Question:  This question relates to food grade ISO tanks. “Are food grade tanks exempt from hydro test, and are only leak tests required?” Tank Guru:  This is an area of confusion for many people.  It always comes back to the product being shipped.  Since most edible products are non-hazardous, then a specification packaging is not required.  However, in the case of a tank container, then of course the requirements for CSC Safety Approval have to be met for the ‘container’ even if the tank itself is a non-Code vessel.  BUT, if shipping the non-hazardous material in a spec packaging such as an IMO 1, IMO 2, or UN Portable Tank; then the certifications (and associated testing requirements) should be maintained, or else the tank should be down-graded to a non-spec packaging.  In the case of a non-spec tank, obviously there would be no requirement for a hydro test. Keep in mind that some food grade products are still considered hazmat (certain alcoholic beverages might ship as a Class 3 flammable liquid, for instance); and in that case one would need to refer to the MSDS for details on the authorized packagings.]]>

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