DNV Tanks

Tank Service offers an extensive line of offshore DNV Tanks, which are 2.7-1 compliant tanks. Developed by Det Norske Veritas, DNV Tanks, or DNV 2.7-1, also known as the offshore industry standard, is the international standard for safe cargo transport in offshore environments.

The three typical phases of transport for DNV Tanks are: shoreside (e.g. by fork lift truck), by supply vessel and lifting to and from offshore installations. The Standard for Certification includes design requirements related to all three phases.

Under conditions in which offshore containers are often transported and handled, the “normal” rate of wear and tear is high, and damage necessitating repair will occur. However, containers designed and certified according to the DNV Tanks Standard for Certification should have sufficient strength to withstand the normal forces encountered in offshore operations, and not suffer complete failure even if subject to more extreme loads. – Source: DNV

These DNV tanks are suited for hazardous and non-hazardous fluids, and come in units ranging from 1,000 gallons up to 5,200 gallons or 20,000 litres. They are fitted with a Charpy Impact Test rated carbon or stainless steel frame for superior reliance and durability and extra strength pad eyes for safe lifting in even the most extreme conditions.