Stay ahead of your competition.

With Satatrack, we deliver global solutions and services for tracking, monitoring and protecting high-value assets and people through various communication platforms. Our end-to-end asset tracking and monitoring solutions leverage best-in-class hardware terminals, web-based tracking, fleet management software and flexible satellite airtime packages.

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Maintain Your Assets

The cost of oil may be low, but your asset life doesn’t need to be. Asset monitoring is a major part of any well-organized risk management plan. Reduce unscheduled equipment failures by tracking maintenance and inspection requirements. Let the SATATRACK system send alerts and reports to your computer, smartphone or tablet. Stay ahead of the game while saving time and money.

Simplify Your Service

Supply chain validation/automation

  • Product refill and depletion automation
  • Personnel reduction
  • Increased efficienc

Ensure Accountability

Whether your materials are big or small, travel domestically or internationally, We can enable constant monitoring and supervision to ensure complete accountability. You know your business better than anyone else. Work with us to custom engineer a solution that meets your specific needs.