Question:  This question relates to requirements for listing the owner’s name on an ISO tank. “We don’t want our company’s name on the tank container, because the cargo transported is very hazardous.  Can we just leave it off the data plate?”  Tank Guru:  Nope, sorry.  Under 49CFR §178.274 (Specifications for UN portable tanks), Sec. 178.274 (i)(2) requires that the name of the tank’s operator (or owner, in the case of owner-operated tanks) “must be marked either on the portable tank itself or on a metal plate firmly secured to the portable tank” such as the primary data plate. On the one hand, it is understandable that you would want to avoid unnecessary exposure, but on the other hand if there is an incident involving your tank, it is important for the authorities to be able to know who to contact.]]>

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