Question:  This question relates to painting tank frames and barrels. “What types of paint coatings should we put on our tank containers?” Tank Guru:  The industry standard for ocean-going containers is a zinc-rich epoxy primer on any steel surfaces, like the framework on a tank container, followed by a top coat.  It goes without saying that surface preparation is everything, so first the steel surfaces must be abrasive-blasted or otherwise suitable prepared to receive the primer coat.  Follow the coating manufacturer’s instructions for thinning (if necessary), application thicknesses, re-coat times, etc. A good acrylic enamel top coat, compatible with the primer coat and applied to customer color, should be all that is needed afterward.  These provide the best corrosion resistance in general and are used througout the conainer industry and available in a variety of colors.  A polyurethane top coat can also be used providing acceptable corrosion resistance and much better gloss retention. A link to the RAL color codes is provided below.  If painting frame and barrel (stainless steel), then a different procedure would be used.  You are welcome to contact me with any further questions. http://www.ralcolor.com/]]>

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