Question:  This question relates to tank container decals. “Can I install new decals on top of old decals?” Tank Guru:  When it comes to the regulatory markings on a container, what is typically specified in various regulations is the size of the required markings and their location; NOT the manner in which they are installed.  There is no rule stating that one cannot install a new decal on top of an old decal.   That said, there is no reason that it wouldn’t be better to first remove the old decal. But, if for example the old decal is faded or illegible due to years of sun exposure and likewise adhered to the cladding because of being baked on by the sun and therefore difficult to remove; then I suppose you could install the new decal on top of the old one.  Just make sure that the new decal is securely affixed and easy to read (old decal does not show through).  Thanks for the question.]]>

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