Tank Guru Q&A: Data Plates for UN Portable Tanks

Question: This question applies to data plates for UN portable tanks. “My tank is missing the data plate. What do I need to do in order to get another one?” Tank Guru: Each tank container used in international service needs to have the data plate that was affixed by the original manufacturer (or a replacement copy), a CSC Safety Approval plate, and a TIR/Customs plate.  The manufacturer’s plate includes key information regarding the design pressure and temperature, shell thickness, original hydro test date and last test date, and the approvals to which the tank was designed and constructed.  Additionally, for certain high-pressure tanks there might also be an ASME Code plate or a product plate that shows the list of substances approved for transport in the tank. Most newer ISO tanks have a consolidated data plate that includes all of the manufacturer’s details as well as the CSC and TIR approvals.  If the data plate is lost or damaged in such a way that it’s not legible, you should affix a replacement plate that has been engraved with the original information — and then reviewed and stamped by the class society surveyor who carried out the last periodic test.  Replacement plates are available through tank container repair facilities or select parts suppliers: http://www.perolousa.net/Combination_Replacement_Plate_for_MFG_DataCSCCustoms_-_8__x_20__Stainless_Steel/p733948_3684161.aspx http://www.perolousa.net/Replacement_Plate_for_Manufacturers_Data_-_8__x_12__Stainless_Steel/p733948_3684051.aspx http://www.perolousa.net/Replacement_Plate_for_TIRCustoms_-_4__x_8__Stainless_Steel/p733948_3684133.aspx http://www.perolousa.net/Replacement_Plate_for_CSC_Safety_Approval_-_4__x_8__Stainless_Steel/p733948_3684080.aspx]]>

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