Air Flow USA
Houston, Texas

Air Flow, a cryogenic gas transportation and processing specialist, is known for its worldwide multimodal exportation and equipment rental solutions for companies using industrial and liquid natural gas (LNG).

Air Flow USA in Houston recently realized the need for a more flexible way to keep its customers’ LNG fueling operations running smoothly.  So they set about developing an a la carte solution to fit the needs of their customers lacking the time and resources to refuel their LNG equipment while working remotely out in the field. Oftentimes these customers have to move from one job site to another very quickly, making mobility key.  Their customers were also looking for continuous fuel supply and ease of transport and set-up – something that wasn’t readily available in the current market.

Tank Service has been Air Flow’s fabricator of choice since the creation of the Houston subsidiary in 2013. “They design our trailers and flatbeds for the transportation of our ISO containers in the US, and have proposed adapted solutions to our particular needs where safety and weight are a must in our industry,” says Kelly Marull, Business Development Manager for Air Flow.

For this project, Air Flow knew that they could count on Tank Service to work with them on a customized, cost-effective solution to meet their logistical needs.

“Tank Service was able to work with us to develop an optimized rental solution for our customers’ needs by fabricating a mobile on-site liquid natural gas (LNG) pumping station that incorporated all of our requirements such as safety, weight optimization, and maximum mobility,” said Kelly.

The trailerized LNG pump provides continuous operation with zero down time for customers who oftentimes work off the grid in very remote areas, such as asphalt plants and drilling and fracking job sites.

Air Flow needed a utility trailer to transport an LNG skid.  The trailer needed to have certain features, like heavy-duty axles for off-road transportation and a job box for tool and hose storage.  Tank Service was able to provide the trailer and install the skid, positioning it to best balance the weight with the axles, and also install a number of other accessory items of equipment which are needed in the field at job sites.

“We were very pleased to be able to partner with Air Flow on this unique application, and come up with a practical solution for their needs that also addressed their strong commitment to quality and safety,” said Russell Harrison, President, Tank Service, Inc.

Visit www.airflow.fr for additional information.