Question:  This question relates to ISO tank container dimensions. We are going to set a concrete foundation for our tank container which we will use for storage purposes.  Is a 20′ ISO tank exactly 20′ long?  And what is the exact width?” Tank Guru:  Please see attached chart of ISO tank container dimensions.  You will note that a 20′ tank container is actually 19′-10.5″ long from end-to-end (6058 mm).  The overall width is 8′ (2438 mm) and both of these dimensions refer to the distance from the outside faces of the corner castings. A standard tank container is considered a “1CC” shipping container as defined by ISO 668 (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ISO_668).  Center-to-center of the holes in the bottom castings are 5853mm and 2259mm, respectively for length and width. Good luck!  We sell a lot of these portable tanks into storage service, because it’s hard to find the same value for a stainless steel, pressure-rated tank.]]>

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