Question:  This question relates to bottom discharge fittings. “An IMO-1 we purchased is going to Venezuela with product in it.  I heard that it cannot ship with the camlock and cap on the outlet valve.  Can you clarify for me what is accepted?  One of our employees wants to install a blind flange on the bottom and have it converted once it gets to the customer.  I am concerned that would be difficult and could end up with a leak.” Tank Guru:  Unless the camlock fitting is sticking outside the ISO envelope, if can definitely ship on the tank (so long as fitted with the dust cap). The regulatory requirement (for products that are authorized for transport in bottom outlet tanks) is that there be 3 points of closure for openings below liquid level.  One of these must be the self-closing internal valve.  The second is generally the external valve, usually a butterfly valve but sometimes a ball valve.  The third point of closure can be a blind flange or camlock dust cap; but is most typically a 3” BSP cap fitted to the outlet flange.  Hope that helps! Image shows traditional bottom outlet valve arrangement with 3″ BSP cap.]]>

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  1. How much weight can be sustained by bottom outlet valve? we plan to modify our unloading flex hose that result in additional load weight that shall be sustained by bottom outlet valve.

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