Question:  This question relates to rubber linings on ISO tanks. Do you have any idea what a rubber lined IMO 1 would have cost before 2000 ex USA?  Carbon steel, 4 bar MAWP, 20,000 liter, manufactured in 1992 by Zenith Engineering in Singapore.” Tank Guru:  The best estimate that I can give you is somewhere between $35,000 – $50,000 USD.  It would depend on a number of factors, including the number and type of valves (lined?), the thickness and grade of rubber used in lining the tank interior, whether the tank also carried IM-101 (3/8″ wall thickness for AAR-600) approval, etc.  But it would have definitely been more expensive that a standard stainless steel IMO 1.   Hope this helps.]]>

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  1. is it necessary to remove the caldding and rockwool during the baking processs say 150deg baking temperature?. I believe this baking process is done inside the tank at least for PTFE lining.

    I am really curious whether we can keep the whole cladding on during the baking process.

    1. When you describe a baking process done inside the tank, I assume you are referring to the use of forced air to heat cure the lining, versus placing the entire tank in an oven. In that case, NO it should not be necessary to remove the insulation and cladding prior to baking, particularly if the insulating material is mineral wool or similar with low chloride content. In fact, the insulation may be helpful to retain the heat and promote even curing. Consult with the company who is lining the tank for you.

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      Tank Guru

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